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Speak Life:
Re-Introducing a Language of Love and Gratitude

Life is all about becoming. We’re always becoming something. In high school, we’re becoming adults. In college, we’re becoming graduates. In our careers, we’re becoming successful. In our family lives, we’re becoming spouses…then parents…then grandparents. We are always becoming. Life speakers help us to become. In reality, by shifting our perspective of ourselves and the world around us, they help to shape the people we become. As our lives positively pivot with their advice and/or influence, we find invaluable direction in our journey. Life speakers arrive just at the right time, when we’re ready for a new direction or new perspective. Pivotal moments come when we have run the course of where we are and we are ready for something new. Timing is everything when it comes to life-changing experiences. You see—at the right moment, in the right setting, with the right heart, from the right person—simple words make profound changes in the way we view ourselves and our future. The words themselves often are not profound, but they result in a profound change in perspective. The change may not be immediately apparent, and the power of a certain phrase or piece of advice may not be realized right away. In fact, of all the accounts listed here, very few resulted in an instant realization of the power of the advice. It can take weeks or months—even years—before the profound nature of a phrase is realized. But, even years later, simple words spoken from a loving heart can bring profound change. That is the art of speaking life. Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins can speak life. Sometimes, though, life speakers will not be those who are close to you. Teachers, pastors, bosses, friends, and even enemies can bring you to pivotal points in your life. They cause you to take important and monumental turns. They help you to see things differently; they help you to discover new things about yourself. People who speak life change everything. So, let’s take a look at a few life speakers from our lives to help you identify a few from yours.